8 Reasons Why Two Dogs Are Better Than One

Babka and Latke play endlessly.

A couple of months ago I wrote about our decision to adopt another dog. (By “decision” of course I mean “saw her adorable photo and never looked back“) We had been wondering if two dogs are better than one, and I can say, at least in this instance, yes. If you are thinking of getting another dog, or getting two at the same time, I will leave you with this list. My top 8 reasons why two dogs are better than one (in no particular order):

1. If one doesn’t want to snuggle, the other one will.  Babka will sometimes grudgingly sit on my lap for a short while. Latke, on the other

Trying to get TWO dogs posed for photos is brutal.

hand, will grudgingly sit on her own. She loves to cuddle.

2. They tire each other out. For the first six weeks we had Latke, it rained every day. Our walks were cut short, but she still got plenty of exercise running around the house with Babka. As an added bonus, Babka now gets even more exercise, too. Then they sleep well at night. Of course, if one wants to play and the other wants to nap, the Servants get roped into playing fetch.

3. They blame each other. Where did the giant rip in the sofa come from? In the past, I would have firmly blamed Babka. Now? Who knows? (Well, who am I kidding? I know. But they don’t know that I know.)

4. Save more lives. Once we took Latke, we made room for one more life to be saved by Paws 2 Care. That is a very good thing.

5. Less room in my bed. I’m not actually sure that this belongs in the “pro” list, but… Babka and Latke each start in their own beds. By 3 AM, I am lucky if I can get a sliver of mattress as both dogs have typically made their way into ours. For one tiny dog and one medium size dog, they take up a lot of room (and like to sleep draped across my legs).

6. More personality. I guess there are some dogs that do not have so much personality. Not mine. They are both big characters. It is never dull.

7. Changes in behavior. Latke is a real people dog. She loves when people come over, and as a result, Babka has started enjoying company more, too.

8. Not too much more work. After already making the commitment to one dog, adding a second one to the mix is really not that much more effort. Yes, we are taking more walks, but it really is not a big deal. We are already walking, exercising, feeding and caring for one, so adding a second leash and food bowl is not such a big deal.

On the other hand, there is twice the food, twice the vet bills, and having to sucker friends into taking two dogs when we go away. (I checked with everyone that watched Babka to make sure two were going to be OK to stay with them…)


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