Happy 2015: No More Resolutions (Sort of)

A new year means plans, goals and often, resolutions. I usually don’t make them, but last year I had a few:

1. New, smaller wardrobe (which means the weight loss must happen)

2. Calmer (which means I need to exercise more so that I am too tired to be argumentative.)

3. Letting tele-marketers drone on and on while I ignore them. (This seems like the easiest one to achieve, by a mile.)

How did I do? Well, I did really well on the nearly-Paleo-but-still-drinking-wine diet, and lost about 20 pounds. Then our trip to new York happened, and the month of December, including my birthday, holidays, parties an more. I am getting back on track before I get on the scale, starting today.

In general, being calmer. I think I have done pretty well on that front, and I am definitely exercising a lot. Obviously I am not alone, as the Hollywood Orange Theory Fitness was jam packed this morning.

As for the telemarketers? Well, I do sometimes let them languish on hold, but more often than not I will put them out of their misery and simply hang up.

So for 2015 I plan on doing much of the same: finally losing the remainder of the weight that needs to come off, continuing to work out a lot, play more tennis, and try to ignore telemarketers. I will also be networking and growing my business (Need travel services? Give me a call!), giving the dogs the long walks that they deserve (and not shortening their walking time because I feel lazy), and making an effort to see friends we see too infrequently. We’ll see how these all shake out.

I’ll check in next year to see how these worked out. Meanwhile, I have some new restaurants being reviewed later in the week, travel tips and more in the next few weeks.

Have you made any resolutions? Share them in the comments section! I’d love to hear them.