Square One Key West, Brunch

Even without the bun, it's delicious.
Even without the bun, it’s delicious.

It is no secret that I love the new incarnation of Square One. Gone are the heinous shower curtain/makeshift doors in the bathroom, and with the renovation of the space came a new menu, incorporating favorites from both The Cafe and Banana Cafe, the other restaurants owned by the Square One owners. Now, there is a whole new reason to love it: Brunch. 

There are plenty of superb brunches in Key West, like Hot Tin Roof (where I have been several of the last Sundays),

Steak and eggs, oddly not served together.
Steak and eggs, oddly not served together.

Azur (amazing day or night), Blackfin Bistro (our dogs love the back patio), and now, Square One. The menu has a few things from the dinner menu, like soups, salads and the amazing spinach gyoza, but also benefits from plenty of additions. There are several egg dishes, half a dozen Benedict choices – everything from the classic to lobster – and French toast and waffles. Plenty of lunch choices, if breakfast isn’t your thing, including a burger, fish sandwich, fried chicken sandwich and shrimp and grits. Bonus: the extensive cocktail list is available as well.

There is dessert, too!
There is dessert, too!

Our party of five had quite an assortment, from the burger (sans amazing pretzel bun), steak and eggs, shrimp and grits and the fried chicken sandwich. All were very good, and once the food arrived there was not a lot of chit chat. Everyone was happy with their food, and in a shocking twist, I did not stick my fork in everyone else’s food to try it, as I was very busy enjoying my burger, and FKGuy’s steak and eggs.

Square One is located in Duval Square, at 1075 Duval Street and is open for brunch Wednesday through Sunday, and dinner every night.




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