7 Reasons Brunch Rocks

Brunch at Hot Tin Roof... always a rocking good time.
Brunch at Hot Tin Roof, Key West.

Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I disagree, but that is a topic for another day. If breakfast is so important, brunch is certainly the most momentous meal of the week, right? I think so.

I am not alone in this, either. There is a reason Hot Tin Roof, The Westin and Azur are packed every Sunday around noon. Brunch. But what makes brunch so great? I will tell you. Here are 7 reasons brunch rocks. 

  1. Bloody Marys  make drinking hard liquor before noon acceptable. Plus, you can fortify your drink with any number of appetizer-like snacks: bacon, donuts, celery. All of these things help tide you over until actual food arrives.
  2. Mimosas are an acceptable way to tell yourself that you are just going to have some orange juice. Well, maybe a splash of Prosecco. By the seventh one, it is just a glass of Prosecco, and that is OK. It doesn’t hurt that many places have either unlimited mimosas (the best of all worlds), or at least 2 for 1.
  3. Less pressure. There is always less pressure for a “great meal” during the day than at dinner. Also, there are a lot of mimosas going on. See #2.
  4. Brunch food is good hangover food. A nice plate of French Toast can cure whatever happened Saturday night. It’s OK. It happens. Have another mimosa.
  5. Breakfast foods can happen nearly all day. 2 PM and you are just digging in to your second plate of pancakes? No problem. There is plenty of time left to get to the burgers and tacos.
  6. Brunch is an event. My friend Denis likes to refer to it as a contact sport, but I really don’t enjoy touching other people all that much. This can be an all afternoon happening, or a shorter, eat-and-go-home one, but either way, it is a good time. (Note: you should probably stop drinking mimosas before brunch becomes an incident, or before you end up at afternoon karaoke.)
  7. Start your week off right. Nothing says “helloooooooooooo workweek! I am ready for you!” quite like an afternoon of brunch. Bring it on. If the week sucks, well, there is always brunch next week.

What are your favorite brunch spots? Let me know in the comments below! Meanwhile, I will leave you with this, from someecards.com:

The Florida Keys: We make Sunday Brunch binge drinking civilized.