Why I Reload The Dishwasher (and other absurdities)

reloading the dishwasher
I take comfort in an efficiently loaded dishwasher.

Like most people, I like things the way I like them, and I cannot stand inefficiency, real or perceived. For example, I want to get the dishes done in as few loads as possible, with a minimal amount of hand washing involved. Sometimes that means I feel compelled to reload the dishwasher, only to cram in a few extra items, after a friend has so graciously loaded it. 

I try to let it go. Really, I do. But I have the compulsion to cram more things in the dishwasher. Just. One. More. Glass. Right? Of course, one glass leads to two, and a couple of bowls, and possibly an additional platter, which I have had to move seven things around just to fit in there.

I know I am not alone.

The other day I went into the bathroom. Before I consciously realized what happened, I took the toilet paper off of the holder and rotated it so that the paper was facing forward. I couldn’t decide if I should laugh at myself for being inflexible, or be horrified that I could not even be thankful that someone didn’t leave the roll empty. I laughed and remained secretly joyful that the toilet paper had now been righted. Finally, I owned up to what I had done.

We all have our issues.

A friend (that happened to be staying with us – I didn’t let him load the dishwasher) recently told me that he thought it was weird that I don’t let other people cook in my kitchen. I explained that it didn’t matter if it was odd, that it is simply how it is. Come over, eat, drink, be merry, and even load the dishwasher if you must (don’t worry – I will fix it later), but step away from the stove. Please.

It is important to know our limits.

It may seem as if I don’t enjoy having company, which is as far from reality as you can get. I love it. I could not possibly care less if you leave towels on the floor or don’t make the bed. (Hey, I don’t make the bed either!) Leaving a drinking glass strewn about is of no concern. Need to do laundry? Go for it.

I know I am not alone in my peculiarities. What are some of yours?