Top 6 Reasons to Take a Cruise Over the Holidays

This is far more relaxing than preparing a meal for twenty.

This is far more relaxing than preparing a meal for twenty.



Last week I was aboard a beautiful ship with friends and family. Thursday was Thanksgiving. While we already celebrated with turkey and stuffing a couple of weeks ago, I am once again reminded of how great cruising over the holidays can be. Need examples? Here you go. My top 6 reasons to take a cruise over the holidays.

  1. No cooking or cleaning, and no stressing out over getting the house ready for company. Well, someone is doing the cooking and cleaning, but it is not you. You can be lounging poolside, daiquiri in hand. There is no need to slave over shopping lists, cooking prep, or who is bringing dessert.
  2. You don’t have to eat turkey. You can, or not. Here everyone gets to eat what they desire. The picky eaters and allergen-laden folks can all have customized meals, and back to point 1: you don’t have to make any of it. With enough advance notice, most cruise lines can accommodate special requests, even your crazy sister’s tofurkey.
  3. It’s festive. Someone else has done the decorating. The table is (always) set beautifully, walls and public areas are decorated, and for Christmas, they really do go all out.
  4. You can bring your family with you, or not. Want to celebrate with the extended family? No problem! Sail with the whole crowd if you would like. Plan early enough and your travel agent can get group rates and extra amenities.
  5. You already have a designated driver: The Captain. No need to worry about a few too many glasses of wine since you are not driving anywhere. (Go ahead and indulge in an extra drink, after all, you don’t need to do the dishes, either!)
  6. Winter cruises are either in the Caribbean or South America (and a handful in Asia and the South Pacific). If it gets cold where you live, this is a perfect time to enjoy some balmy weather.


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