(Moving) Again

As I am driving a load of stuff from IKEA, Costco and Target down to Key West (and vacillate between thinking our lack of shopping is charming or downright absurd), I am once again reminded of how much moving sucks. It just does. Of course, moving into a house you have built, makes it a lot more palatable.

That, and we have a water feature in the pool. (I just like saying “water feature”. It makes me feel like I am on HGTV.)

Any way you slice it, putting things in boxes and moving – even the absurdly short distance we are going – is still annoying. As such, today I just rant. There will be another installment of How to throw a Successful Dinner Party on Friday. Meanwhile, I will tell you that I work out. I do squats with fairly heavy dumbbells. I do not need to do seven thousand additional squats while getting stuff out of my kitchen cabinets. I do not need an additional four thousand step-ups, as I climb a step stool to take things out (and another 4,000 when I put everything away in the new place.) I was perfectly happy sweating it out at the gym, not at home. Oh well.

My ability to make decisions has temporarily (I hope) left me. But it should all be over soon, and I will be back to making decisions, going to new places to eat (and writing about them), and writing more about dinner parties and brunches that are happening at the new house. Stay tuned. But for now I will just complain about my burning quadriceps.