Need gnocchi now!

My new favorite restaurant in Key West has to be Azur. The friendly, yet refined atmosphere is reason enough to go. But the food… oh my! There are few places that have food that I dream about and Azur is one of those. The first few times I was there, I had the gnocchi in various forms, which were all outstanding. Imagine my delight when they have added a WHOLE SECTION devoted to the fluffy, pillowy, potato dumplings. Gnocchi with truffle oil, gnocchi with beets and goat cheese, there is even a toasted gnocchi (which were delicious, but, dare I say, could use more butter.) Look for photos once my camera is functioning again.

They also serve branzino. I am partial to the version that is grilled and stuffed with fresh herbs. Really, a more perfectly grilled piece of fish I have never seen.

Another thing I should mention, is that the service is outstanding. This is a restaurant I try to go to as often as possible, and you should too.