Coffee, the first of many cups

Leigh Anns coffee shop So, there I was, enjoying a lovely morning drive to Key West. I was supposed to be there for an 11:00 AM appointment, which kept getting pushed back, until we finally manged to connect at 5:30PM. city life to Island life is going to be quite a little adjustment for Type-A-personality-having me.

The adjustment began at about 9:15 AM on Friday morning. I stopped to get a bite to eat and cup of coffee to go. Well, I will start with the breakfast pastries. You may notice that there are no photos here. That is because nothing looked remotely appealing. So, I settled on a “turtle” coffee, with caramel and chocolate, skip the fake whipped cream, please. After waiting a good 10 minutes to order and another 10 minutes to get one cup of coffee, I was back on the road trying really hard to embrace the island approach to quick service.

Needless to say, although they do sell an impressive array of food – from caviar and parmegianno reggiano to V-8, I will not be making a second trip if I can help it. Next week, we will see if we can find a good coffee beverage for less than $4 and 20 minutes. Stay tuned.