Smoking is a good thing

Smoking can be a good thing, not when it comes to sitting outside enjoying a latte when some jerk lights up a big, fat cigar and the smoke wafts right into your face. Nor at any other time that involves my eating and someone else’s tobacco use.

However, when we are talking about fish – as in smoked fish dip – smoking can be a truly wonderful thing.

Friday evening, the Suburban Propane guy came, turned on my gas, and then came in to turn on my stove. He was here a whopping 4 minutes and yet, somehow, that cost $75. But I digress, after the guy left, I decided that it would be a good time to go out and procure some supplies for dinner. I stopped by the Eaton Street Seafood Market. While there I noticed the smoked fish dip. I asked about it and was told that I should “be careful – it’s addictive”. Well, that is a bold statement. I will be the judge.

Holy moley. That is all I can say about that. It is that good. We had to restrain ourselves from eating the entire container so that we could have some for breakfast the next day. The combination of mahi-mahi and mutton snapper with spices, mayo and cream cheese is just divine. It is perfectly seasoned, seriously smokey and, yes, addictive. Go to Eaton Street Seafood and get some. More smoking later.