Excess smoking is a bad, bad thing

On the heels of eating the best smoked fish dip EVER (there, I said it) from Eaton Street Seafood, we went to Hogfish Bar and Grill on Stock Island for lunch. In case you are not familiar with hogfish, or as it is sometimes erroneously referred to – hog snapper, see photo to the left.

Hogfish bar and grill is famous for its hogfish sandwich. Despite this, after a morning of removing wall art and then painting, I decided I was hungry enough to also enjoy some smoked fish dip. Plus, for comparative purposes, I had to try it. (Research, you see.)

Their version is made with kingfish and cream cheese, and although reasonably good, there is no comparison to the Eaton Street version. (see last post). This version was a little heavy and not nearly as flavorful. It was overly cream cheese-y and not so much on the smokey goodness.

The signature sandwich, however, of hogfish blackened on Cuban bread with Swiss cheese, mushrooms and onions is reason enough to get to this out of the way spot. It is a little tricky to find, and on a cold day like today (for Floridians, anyway) bring a sweater – the sandwich is worth it.