Keys Fisheries


There are so many options for a meal along the Overseas Highway. You can go to Leigh Ann’s, where it will take 20 minutes to get a cup of coffee or you can stop at any number of eateries along the way. One of the best, however, is Keys Fisheries.

Located at the end of 35th Street in Marathon, this place has it all. They have a bar, currently called the Sunset Saloon, that is renamed every year by a bar patron. The person with the winning name gets some free food out of it, and the restaurant gets a whole lot of publicity.

As you approach the window to place your order, you must first give the order taker the answer to a question – anything from your favorite song to your favorite animal. It’s like a secret code. When your order is ready, they simply call the name of the IMG_0019song. 

The sandwiches are outstanding – well cooked, well seasoned and served with fries and cole slaw or pasta salad. Not only is it delicious, but the food comes amazingly quickly, which is helpful when you still have an hour to get home from there.

It is the perfect stop for a combination of speed, quality and tastiness. Stop here if you are in Marathon at a meal time. Or snack time. Or just hang out in Marathon until you get hungry.