Is Key West Worth It?

This is the title of a thread on the message boards. We all know my answer to this. But the actual issue here is travel. Every place is worth it at least once. How else will you know if you want to go back?

This is the post, taken from

I have never been. We have been invited on a private cruise off the coast of Venezuela for three nights, but we don’t want to spend 20 hours flying for that short of a trip–so we are looking to extend the trip a few days before the cruise.
We have never been to Miami or to Key West. I have been to Sanibel Island in Florida, but that’s it.

First of all, you have been invited on a private yacht, so I don’t feel bad for you in the slightest – where to go for a few days before boarding the private yacht? Well, we should all have such hard decisions to make in life. second of all, the only place in Florida you have ever been is Sanibel Island? Really?

There are several replies to this thread, but SusanCS says this:

“The first time we went to Key West was in the early 90s. We thought it was nice, but not particularly memorable. A couple of months after we returned home, we had a change of heart and went back for 4 or 5 days.

The next time we went for a week, and now we go for at least 2 weeks in the fall and another 2 in the spring. In lucky years, we throw in an additional 2 in the winter. It’s just one of those places that grow on you.”

kona514 says:

“I love Key West. It is a fun place. I mean this town celebrates the sun setting every night!!!!! If you like to have fun and party this is the place for you. It is “quirky” not tacky.
There are many cultural things also.
This is just my opinion. Give it a try. You only live once.”

I, for one, am pleased to see that overwhelming majority of random people on a message board like Key West as much as I do. What do you think of Key West? What is your favorite thing to do?