I am a little obsessed with shopping right now. No, I don’t own several pairs of Gucci sunglasses, nor do I own 30 pairs of jeans (I currently have two). Rather, I am obsessed with shopping for a house.

I think that if I am patient enough, which is pretty hard for me to do, I will find the perfect house. The perfect house is different for everyone. Some people need a pool (that would be nice), some people need a big kitchen (also a plus in my world), and some people need a fixer-upper to add their personal touch (no thank you).

I need something with two bathrooms that is inexpensive. One of my favorite hobbies is going to open houses on Sundays. Open houses are never inexpensive, but I feel that I need to be prepared for when I win the Powerball.¬† I have seen some really beautiful $2M homes and some that you couldn’t pay me to live in. Recently, I visited an open house on Grinnell Street for a property listed at $1.3 million. It seemed to be a great bargain – if you have that kind of money. (Not exactly what I mean by inexpensive). It sold in just a few short days for $70,000 over the asking price. It would make a good Powerball house.

Meanwhile, in my non-Powerball-winning life, I continue the search for the perfect house. I have read that the market in improving (read: prices are getting higher), but it is simply not true. Sure, there are some properties selling at higher prices, but I don’t think it is the norm yet, nor will it be for a while. Just this week a bank-owned condo on Seminary Street was listed at a very reasonable $167,ooo. The season has ended and the banks still own a ton of property. That should be a good recipe for me to find my perfect little house.

If not, you can still find me on Sunday afternoons perusing the open house circuit.