Don’t Fry Bacon Naked

This, and other pearls of wisdom, like “don’t cut your toenails while drunk”, were interspersed with the music last night at the Green Parrot. Part of the Key West Songwriters Festival going on this weekend, Robert Earl Keen performed to a full house, and a large crowd gathered outside on the sidewalk. The crowd was a mixed bag of tourists and locals. I overheard this humorous exchange:

Local Guy: Hey, you’re from here? How come I’ve never seen you before?

Local Coast Guard Guy: Um, do you have kids in little league?

Local Guy: Kids? Me? No, I’m still a kid myself.

Then he went on his merry way.

As for the Green Parrot, I usually avoid the place simply because the music is almost always way too loud. Apparently when you have pros, like Robert Earl Keen, they know how to adjust the volume to be heard and enjoyed. The crowd loved the show, and I will now be going out and getting his CDs.

Over the remainder of the weekend there are all sorts of good shows going on around town. Howard Livingston is playng at Schooner Wharf, all sorts of people are at Margaritaville and many other venues around town. Check it out.

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