Proud to be a part of Live Well, Travel Often
Proud to be a part of Live Well, Travel Often

Cruising II

OK, as promised, I have the remainder of the Top 10 Must-Dos while in Key West for only a day. By now you should be full of pie, hot sauce, and beer, you’re feet are resting happily in your Kinos and you are wondering what’s next on the agenda? Glad you asked:

  • Take a stroll through the cemetery smack in the middle of Old Town. While there visit “The Best Flan Maker” and the town hypochondriac, whose headstone reads “I told you I was sick”.
  • Walk from the harbor end of Duval Street to the beach end. It’s only a mile (you can do it!) and there are plenty of spots to stop for a cool drink or snack along the way. Then, when you get home, you can brag to all of your friends how you walked ALL THE WAY from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean, and boy was it exhausting.
  • Have lunch at one of the amazing local restaurants – Azur (my personal favorite), Blue Heaven (great, but you will wait a really long time) or Pepe’s (which has been around for 100 years) to name a few.
  • Take part in some type of water activity. It’s an island, people. There is plenty of water around to swim, kayak or jet ski around.
  • Finally, if your ship is late leaving, visit Mallory Square for the nightly Sunset Celebration. See street performers, art vendors, food vendors and, oh yeah, the sunset.

I hope your few hours in port left you wanting more. Did I miss your favorite activity? Let me know.

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