Liar, Liar

I have been talking about how great service is on the Seabourn Spirit. I have not spent so much time, however, on the entertainment on board. Because it is a small ship, entertainment options are limited. No ice bars or circus acts here. But there is free flowing champagne, all the time, and a very talented crew.

The cruise director and assistant cruise directors each perform several times throughout the week. One night is Liar’s Club, a hilarious game show-type program. Teams gather to watch four crew members, in this case: Heather, assistant cruise director, Anthony, assistant cruise director and classical guitarist, Holly and Marty, a marvelous piano playing and singing duo. The crew members are given a truly ridiculous word that nobody has ever heard of, and our job is to pick which one is telling the truth.

Words like piloerection and the subsequent “definitions” cause the audience in the club, which was packed, to roar with laughter. Incidentally, it means when your hair stands on end.

There are other interactive forms of entertainment on-board, like trivia, where teams compete with one another for bragging rights, and a Seabourn bookmark. I only saw two other people with Kindles on the ship, so the bookmarks are still relevant. Other evenings, the crew performs musical numbers, which are, for the most part, highly entertaining.

During the days at sea there are things like the bridge tour (on ours, the captain had delegated the tour, as he was watching the world cup), the cooking demo and more. There is just enough to keep you interested and still allow plenty of time for relaxing and socializing. Not so great for true type-A personalities that need to be constantly entertained, but truly amazing for the rest of us. Go, you won’t be disappointed. If you need help deciding, I can help. I am, after all, a travel agent.

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