Off to Freeze My Butt Off… Back Next Week!

Deer Valley Resort
Image by tomkellyphoto via Flickr

I am leaving my comfort zone (flat, warm, sunny Florida) and heading to Utah to ski at Deer Valley (freeze my butt off in excessive amounts of clothing) for a week. I am trading flip flops for my new and awesome ski boots.

I am pushing my poor knee to the limit before having it fixed. I am going to listen to FKGuy recap every inch of terrain on the entire mountain. I am going to listen to a very cute 7 year old tell me about every turn he makes (and why I am a wimp for not following him through the trees). I will drink good wine with my wine geek friends (I have them everywhere). I will take a lesson and regale Jen with tales from my half marathons. The conversation will go like this… Jen: You ran two half marathons. Clearly you can get your butt down the mountain without complaining. Me: I complained the entire 13.1 miles (mostly in my head), so I’m pretty sure I will do the same here. Jen: At least you know you can do it. Me: Yes, I have eradicated the word can’t from my vocabulary. Jen: Great. Stop talking and start skiing.

I know my skiing will improve (note point above about the marathon thing… my legs are in good shape this year). I will enjoy the skiing in spite of myself. Most of all, I know I get to spend quality time with good friends.

I will be back next Wednesday with all new material. Stay warm.

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