Need a Laugh?

The People’s Theater of Key West is a local community theater group, which includes The Improvables, an improv group. They have performed the last two weekends at The Bottlecap and will be appearing once again this weekend.

For the show, the group is divided into two teams with a referee awarding points and trying, sometimes in vain, to keep the actors in line. They take suggestions from the audience – names, places, movies and more and then act out scenes based on those words. It is amazing to me how quickly these actors think on their feet, and manage to be funny at the same time. Although they are not the most polished group of comic actors, they put on an entertaining show. The group seems to genuinely enjoy what they are doing, which makes for the audience enjoying themselves as well. I was sitting next to a woman who had been there the previous week, and liked it so much she was back for more.

The Bottlecap is a good venue for this, although they do allow smoking, so beware: you will leave smelling like an ashtray whether you smoke or not. The $5 entry fee is reasonable and proceeds support the People’s Theater of Key West.