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Proud to be a part of Live Well, Travel Often

Sake Sushi Thai, Hollywood, FL

Between dining in and taking out, I’ve been to Sake at least 25 times, yet for some reason, I have failed to write about it. I imagine it is because I think of Sake as a place to eat, when I can’t come up with anything else, rather than a place to dine. Usually, I go to meet my book club and discuss some horrible book like The Finkler Question (seriously, don’t bother – not one person in the book club could find  good things to say), and occasionally something really great like Room (read it – it will only take a day or two and it is so worthwhile). At least I broaden my literary, if not culinary, horizons. Other times I meet people here for meetings, as it seems if you are in Hollywood this is the default place to eat. Presumably because the food is good and the place is huge so they let you linger as long as your business meeting, or book club, takes.

It used to be a “Jewish-style” deli, but they have managed to turn the interior into something less cafeteria and more Asian inspired. Sadly, they kept the carpet. The service ranges from good to kind of awkward, but is generally friendly.

The menu is gigantic. Sushi, noodles, meats, or seafood. There is a lot to choose from. When I do take out it is usually sushi – spicy tuna rolls, salmon rolls, perhaps some hamachi, and a Thai dish like spicy basil sauce with tofu. I also generally am in my car and don’t have a menu in front of me, so I have to go by memory. There is a lot to be said for eating sushi on the couch while watching bad reality TV and drinking bubbly.

When I eat there, I do try to vary the ordering. My friends, however, are very predictable: clear noodles with chicken, extra noodles. The Authentic Thai Spice with green beans is delightful, especially when they make it really hot. One friend had a rather boring looking dish of tofu and a salmon roll with no rice. It all looked a little too healthy for me, but she seemed to like it.

Overall, the food is what you would expect – good, not great, and works when you are in the neighborhood. Would I go back? I’m pretty sure I will be there sometime in the next week, as I won’t be able to think of another spot in the food wasteland that is Hollywood.

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