Wine Drinkers Cometh (or, You’re bringing port? I’ll be there!)

We had some wine drinking friends in town, but the only day we had that we could go out and enjoy a nice meal with some good wines was last night. Why? Passover. Or as I like to call it, The almost carb-less holiday that seems to drag on forever. That is what happens to me when I am denied pasta, bread, anything with flour and rice. You know all of the things that you are not really supposed to eat anyway. I can’t imagine if I had to give up any of those things for six weeks for Lent. Oy. Instead I subsisted on brownies, almond horns and macaroons, all homemade by my mother, with the occasional salad thrown in for good measure. Somehow I managed to not gain any weight during brownie-fest. Nonetheless, I was eager to get out of the house for an evening of yumminess.

Our Canadian friends that were in town requested good American wine, as they do not get so much of that, especially having spent the last year in Guatemala. The wine lineup of the evening went like this:

  • Perrier Jouet, NV Champagne before we left the house
  • Carlisle Syrah, Pelkan Ranch 2006
  • Match Butterdragon Cabernet Sauvignon, 2004
  • Oren Swift, Palermo, 2009 (surprisingly open and drinking nicely)
  • Warre’s Port, 1970. Yep, that one is older than me and still going strong.

We ate at Il Mercato in Hallandale which, as always, was superb and quite reasonable. Curious about the food? How about some visuals…

The whole evening was a blast. I am hopeful that in the future these particular friends will spend more time in Florida!

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