Captain’s Tavern, Miami


The incredibly yummy tuna melt

Captain’s Tavern is older than I am. It was founded in 1971 and I’m pretty sure the decor has not been updated since then. Inside it is dark and dreary, although service tends to be friendly. Fortunately, the carpet is not the star of the show here, the fish is. The menu is huge and when specials are taken into account, it is quite a feat to just get through the selections and make a decision.


One of the things I found most appealing on the menu was the tuna melt.

Yellowtail Veracruz

Simple tastes. Here, the tuna salad is made with fresh yellowfin tuna and smothered with Swiss and cheddar cheeses. Sadly, I am trying to “be good” so I thought avoiding the cheesy, bready goodness was wise. Fortunately my dad ordered it so I go to try a bite. I wanted the whole open-faced sandwich. Yum.


In addition to the appetizers, sushi, specials, sandwiches and salads, there is a complete list of fish choices, where you choose the preparation and the topping, if desired. I opted for the yellowtail, grilled, Veracruz style, with tomatoes, onions, olives, peppers and capers. It was delicious and since I was “being good” I didn’t even mind that the waitress forgot my side of yellow rice. Maybe she knew.


Ignore the dreary surroundings and concentrate on the food.

Also at our table were the blackened tuna salad, served rare, and the smoked salmon appetizer, which would be very big for a first course.


Overall, the food was excellent, as it has been the last several times I have been there. The service is good, and they allow corkage (which we did not take advantage of this time) for a mere $8.

If you’re in the area, it is certainly a worthwhile stop for the freshest fish at reasonable prices.

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