After my last effort to renew my driver’s license failed miserably, I had to try again. Really, I would have just given up, but I do need to be able to legally drive, so I persevered. It was a beautiful day, so I opted to take my bike for the almost three mile journey.

I walked in to the office and took a number, which I did not need as I was the first person there. The woman helping me was very friendly, as I handed over what seemed to be every piece of paper I could possibly own: my passport, my W-2, and my water and electric bills. After hearing horror stories of people who think they have all their stuff together only to be turned away empty handed, I was a bit hesitant. “So, I have everything I need, right?” I ask, cautiously optimistic.

Well,” she says, and I can hear the hesitation in her voice, “Yes, you do have everything. But…” uh-oh, I am dreading what could come next. “Since it has been a few weeks since you’ve been here, now your bills are too old. They need to be more recent than these.” This information would have been helpful before I came here. Then she redeems herself with the use of a computer right in their office so I can pull the most recent bills off the internet.

So, a couple of minor hiccups later, I finally have a renewed driver’s license. Although everyone was very helpful and friendly, I am glad I don’t have to go back for another eight years.

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