Lush Bar, Key West

The latest gallery opening in Key West is The Green Pineapple, located at 1130 Duval Street, across from La Te Da. The store is beautiful. It is not more of the same kitch, this place is truly unique. They sell everything from furniture (I have my eye on a green velvet bench) to bubble bath. In the back of the store, is lush.

lush is a coffee bar, serving specialty chocolates, wine and cheese. Well, they will be serving wine in  another month or so. The whole place is green – organic chocolates, sustainable coffees and more. They even make their own soda. No excessive bottles to recycle. Now, that is green.

The grand opening was last week and it was a blast. If the cheeses and chocolates served at the party are an indication of things to come, it is clear I will be spending a lot of time here. Espresso rubbed cheese? Those are two of my favorite foods (yes, coffee is a food, and an integral part of my diet) wrapped into one. Sparkling water served in champagne flutes? I think everything should be served in a flute. It just feels fancy – much like my sparkly fingernails – in a good way.

Since lush is inside a furniture gallery/awesome shop, you can have a seat on a comfy sofa and enjoy your coffee. If you really like the couch, you can buy that, too.


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