Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday (to me)

I wish all of you celebrating Christmas a joyous holiday filled with family, friends, great food and ugly sweaters, if worn in jest. Oh, and lots of good presents. Yes, I know the holiday isn’t all about the presents, but let’s face it, as long as you are bothering to exchange them, you may as well walk away with some good ones, right?

As for me, I am celebrating my birthday today, and I will continue to celebrate the entire weekend. I will be eating all sorts of things I shouldn’t and not feeling at all guilty. I have been practicing that, actually, for a while now, so I should be pretty good at it. As for gifts, the iPad that I ordered was stolen out of the box before it arrived and Apple has been flubbing the sending of a new one. When will it arrive? Who knows? Probably sometime next week. I will have a full recap of the incident once the new one arrives.

Merry Christmas!

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