My Cupcake Obsession

I know the cupcake fad has come and gone, but I am still right in the thick of it. I love cupcakes. I have posted pictures of all kinds of cupcakes to my personal Facebook page recently, leaving friends drooling on their keyboards. But what is so great about them? 

I love, love, love individual desserts for so many reasons, not the least of which being because I can eat the whole thing. It started with making mini cheesecakes (I have everything from the 4″ springform – not really single serving – to the tiny inch and a half cheesecake pan with a dowel to get the tiny things out). Really, with the little desserts, you are actually supposed to eat the whole thing. It’s the end of meal miracle. I have made mini chocolate cheesecakes, key lime cheesecakes and more. I have made tiny chocolate tarts in the puniest pans you have ever seen (I have about 20 of them).

Then I realized that cupcakes come in paper wrappers, which means (a) I can buy fancy paper cups so they look awesome and (b) minimizes cleanup and (c) everybody in their right mind loves cupcakes. I’m not sure I would trust someone who doesn’t like cupcakes.

So, in the past several weeks I have been making chocolate cupcakes and working on perfecting the buttercream. Check out some shining examples:

Chocolate Godiva Liqueur Buttercream...
Chocolate Brandy Buttercream...
Cointreau Buttercream...

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