3 Loud Women: World Premiere

I have mentioned 3 Loud Women, the hip, new lifestyle show, appearing on You Tube. Well, folks, today is the day. We go live. Well, not live, per se – the video has been recorded – but we will air our first episode. Be sure to check it out and leave a comment on the Facebook page.

Tune in weekly to see all new episodes discussing the fun (how to mix a great cocktail) to the serious (life after divorce). I will tell you this: We did a deviled egg demo, because Teana is obsesssed with them and has no idea how to make a deviled egg. I wanted to prove to her that it only takes 5 minutes (plus boiling, naturally), so we did a video demo. It was a two-parter (our batteries died).

When my mother saw the egg video she was flabbergasted, and a little horrified. “Do the other two really not cook? At all?” she asks, already knowing the answer.  Um, no, not really. “Was it that obvious?” I want to know what gave them away. “Well, they seemed really impressed with your pastry bag. And, I mean, it is just a pastry bag. A disposable one at that.

Apparently most people in the world do not use a pastry bag on a regular (or ever) basis. Who knew?

Tune in every Wednesday to see what is new in the world on 3 Loud Women. Regular Florida Keys Girl posts will be back on Friday. Thanks for stopping by.

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