Happy Birthday, Florida Keys Guy

I’m not exactly sure when we started getting older. I have been lying about my age – in both directions – for years, so the fact that we have now come to the point of celebrating FKGuy’s 40th birthday has taken me by surprise. I’m not sure why I’m so shocked by this, as even I can usually handle basic math. I understand that it is a purely emotional response. We just can’t possibly be this old. Yet…

Fortunately for me, when I threw FKGuy’s 30th birthday party, complete with a failed surprise, I saved the decorations. All those baby pictures are coming out again for his 40th birthday party this weekend. If nothing else, the aging process gives us an excuse (as if we need one) to celebrate with lots of food, drink and festivities.  Full recap of the party coming next week.

Now, we will get back to celebrating the birthday with a glass of wine by the pool, and FKGuy referring to himself, over and over again, as he has been since the beginning of May, as “Old Man River“. Happy, happy birthday to my husband and best friend. I will delight in celebrating with you and mocking you mercilessly.



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