Birthday Parties

FKGuy honing his mad skee ball skills
So, you heard about FKGuys big Four-Oh this past May, where I cooked for a week, prayed it didn’t rain (since we had no plan B)  and had a whole lot of people over eating and drinking. Those are the kinds of birthday parties in my life these days. Recently, I wrote about an 11-year-old’s party where I learned to juggle. After reading that post, a friend of mine decided that I would be invited to her children’s birthday parties. So we went. To Chuck E. Cheese. In Aventura.

Although it is possible that I have been to Chuck E. Cheese as a child, I cannot remember it. Or, maybe I just blocked it out. I have no

Birthday girl's mom taking out her frustrations on the Whack-A-Hammerhead-Shark
idea. So we went. We were greeted by our friend with a cup of tokens – “Here. Enjoy the skee ball“. After catching up for a bit with friends, we did, in fact, enjoy the skee ball. Here’s a little fun fact for you: FKGuy is actually good at skee ball. And bowling. And mini golf. Needless to say, we (he) won quite a lot of tickets for the birthday girl to get something totally useless.  I did also enjoy the kiddie version of Whack-A-Mole, this one had hammerhead sharks and was not quite as speedy as the carnival versions.

Chuck E. Cheese is, apparently a great place to have a child’s birthday party for several reasons: They do all the work for you, you do nothing except hand out tokens an bring a cake. But more, importantly, the parent (though they have not slaved for days or weeks on end) ends up looking like a superhero because all the kids have a blast. Plus, they get to see a hideous, giant mouse dancing. That counts for something.


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