Tap 42, Fort Lauderdale

I had the opportunity to try Tap 42 for happy hour the other day with my other two-thirds of the 3 Loud Women. We had a long day of meetings and radio interviews, so thought we would end it on a high note. I was looking forward to it, as I had never been there before.

Tap 42 is a crowded after work spot. The beer list is truly impressive, and at half off for happy hour can’t be beat. When we couldn’t decide on which ones we wanted to try, our waiter brought us over tastes of  a whole bunch of choices.  We found a few that worked. For me, those were the Bell’s Two Hearted ale, Rogue Dead Guy and Stone Arrogant Bastard. Yum, yum and yum.

On order for appetizers were mussels, which were mussels that were not so exciting (but the sweet potato fries on the side were awesome!), mac and cheese (you really can’t go wrong with mac n’ cheese), chicken wings (the flavor order was being debated, so they did half an half for the table) and a dip duo with spinach dip (holy cow good) and corn salsa (really, really good).

The appetizers were good, the service was not bad. Our first server was a little weird and halfway through our service handed us off to someone else, who was great.

The real question (and according to my cousin the only important one) is “would I go back?” My cousin’s general theory is that if I have been to a place more than once, it must be good. I will put it this way: the mushroom burger sounds really good, as does the fish and chips, but (a) you must be drinking beer there as their wine list is an embarrassment and (b) I would go if other people were going and insisted. I wouldn’t necessarily put it on my “must-go” list, but nor is it on the “never-again” list. Have you been? What do you think?

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