Nothing to Say

As you can imagine, just 5 days post-op, nothing terribly exciting has been happening, so my normal eating adventures have been replaced by vomiting, which I will tell you is no fun. Especially after abdominal surgery.

Although that has subsided and I have, in fact, started eating again, it really hasn’t been too thrilling. I have no cooking adventures to report (unless you count the tuna melt on pizza crust that I made for dinner, but I don’t.) I have barely left the house (once by car and twice to walk Babka).

I have no wine adventures to report, unless you count the tiny bit I had last night. As a bonus, it has started to taste good again, so more wine adventures to come soon, I promise. I have no restaurant reviews (see above about not really leaving the house), but I am seriously looking forward to that changing ASAP.

As a bonus, I have once again begun showering on a regular basis, so that should make the whole venturing out of the house thing a little more palatable. I’ll be back soon with more tales from Key West, stories of the dog and more… stay tuned. In the meantime, if you want ¬†different perspective on my surgery, read about it from the dog’s point of view here. ¬†Unlike me, Babka has a lot to say.

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