Nothing to Say

As you can imagine, just 5 days post-op, nothing terribly exciting has been happening, so my normal eating adventures have been replaced by vomiting, which I will tell you is no fun. Especially after abdominal surgery.

Although that has subsided and I have, in fact, started eating again, it really hasn’t been too thrilling. I have no cooking adventures to report (unless you count the tuna melt on pizza crust that I made for dinner, but I don’t.) I have barely left the house (once by car and twice to walk Babka).

I have no wine adventures to report, unless you count the tiny bit I had last night. As a bonus, it has started to taste good again, so more wine adventures to come soon, I promise. I have no restaurant reviews (see above about not really leaving the house), but I am seriously looking forward to that changing ASAP.

As a bonus, I have once again begun showering on a regular basis, so that should make the whole venturing out of the house thing a little more palatable. I’ll be back soon with more tales from Key West, stories of the dog and more… stay tuned. In the meantime, if you want  different perspective on my surgery, read about it from the dog’s point of view here.  Unlike me, Babka has a lot to say.

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