It’s That Time of Year Again… St. Patty’s Day

When we lived in New York, I would try to avoid going out on St. Patrick’s Day. Too many cops drinking green beer, while on duty, guns and all. But, while not my favorite holiday by a long shot, in Key West, it is not so far out of the norm. Here area few fun things to do this weekend, if you are still looking for ideas:

The 35th annual St. Patrick’s Day Bar Stroll. Hey, it’s been going on 35 years now, why not give it a shot? If you don’t need a formal stroll, Finnegan’s Wake always has good stuff going on, and on an Irish holiday, why not head to an Irish bar? As a bonus, they do have good food. Irish Kevin’s is having a “Run before you crawl” race on Sunday morning at Higg’s Beach. It is the 1K5K Shamrock Shuffle, and there is more information on their Facebook page. They are also having a green champagne (blech!) toast at midnight on Saturday night.

Where will I be celebrating St. Patty’s Day? At Azur, having brunch where there will likely be nothing green, but lots of bubbly. (Hey, I already said it wasn’t my favorite holiday.) Where are you going for green beer (or whatever)? I’d love to hear about it!

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