Size Matters

Yes, we are back to Fantasy Fest here, but no, this is not about what you think it is about. I promise.

There I was, decked out like a bad 80’s rocker, complete with pink hair, on my way to meet some friends for the Masquerade March. This is the one where people dress up, march around the island stopping along the way for beverages. It is a lot of fun. On my way to the cemetery, I stopped to admire some sand sculpture and I tripped. Not so unusual for me, but annoying nonetheless. All of a sudden my shoes felt squishy and I could not seem to walk straight.

I look down and see that not one, but both of my 3 inch platform shoe had broken in half. Yes, the soles were broken and pieces of shoe were falling in a trail of black rubber behind me. There was no way I could continue in these shoes. So I march into Fausto’s looking for some flip flops. Alas, the staff at Fausto’s clearly thought I was drunk (I had only had water until this point) and/or delusional (also not the case). Next, my barefoot-except-for-fishnets feet and I continue on towards the cemetery. I stopped by a local nail salon thinking that if they do pedicures they must have some flip flops they can sell me. Not so much.  The nice people in the nail salon sent me to the dollar store.

When I arrive at the dollar store, after quite a few people seeing me barefoot, I am thrilled when I am told that indeed, they do have flip flops. Yes they do. They have baby blue pool shoes in size 11 (I am a 7 1/2). That is my choice. Barefoot or baby blue size 11. It was of little comfort when the dollar store guy says to me “Hey, it’s only a dollar”.

I marched in the parade. I ended up walking close to 4 miles in those ridiculous pool shoes that were 4 sizes to big. My feet hurt the entire weekend, but I learned an important lesson. Wear practical shoes (which I tried to do) and make sure those shoes are not broken before you leave your house.