Loud Women, Chocolate and a Busy Weekend

Another weekend gone way too quickly. It seems to go especially fast when you are busy every second of the day. This weekend was no exception, as 3 Loud Women took the stage at the Festival of Chocolate in front of a large crowd. 

We had an interactive performance called 50 Shades of Chocolate. Cheesy? Maybe. Fun? Definitely. We talked about the health benefits of chocolate (who knew that it helps prevent sunburn?) and more, as the crowd grew.

As for the rest of the weekend, it was spent purging. No, not because I had too much chocolate. Rather, too much stuff. Clothes and books have been donated and are awaiting pickup, cabinets re-organized, general de-cluttering going on. Let me tell you something: even though I do this as part of my job, for other people, it feels great to get rid of stuff you don’t need. Old cassette tapes? Gone. If I need to listen to Erasure I can turn on 80’s on 8 or download some files to my ipod (which I only use for running, so that has been gathering dust of late, as well).

I have rid myself of old work projects and old school projects. I really didn’t need everything I ever created in college, anyway. Being a fashion design major, my projects tend to take up a bit more room than my friends’ work, which largely consisted of papers. Mine consisted of fabrics, trims, threads, embellishments and more. All things that take up a lot of space that you will always have a use for in the future. Not so any more.

I have been reading about these nut cases that exist with only 100 items and I think it is insane. How can I possibly exist with only 3 pair of underwear? The frequency with which I would be doing laundry is absurd. I would never be able to accomplish anything else.  That being said, with the exception of winter travel, I haven’t worn a pair of closed toed shoes in years, so the lovely once-white-now-black Stuart Weitzman pumps had to go. And so it went. All weekend. Now there are about 5 huge bags of clothing and shoes, as well as boxes of books that are anxiously awaiting removal from my life. Yes, the things are excited to leave and start anew as well.

Have you purged your stuff? What is the hardest thing to toss?