The movers have come and gone. The house is sold. I no longer have keys to the house I lived in for the past thirteen years. During that time we had dinner parties, holidays, parties, and more guests than I could possibly count. It is a little strange not going there any more. Babka is bummed to not be seeing her neighborhood friends all the time.

The gap between selling and buying leaves me thinking about all of the things that will need to change: the pharmacy, where I already know the pharmacists, the grocery store, the dry cleaners and more. All this for a move that will take us a whopping four miles. Hopefully there will be a giant yard sale to rid ourselves of all of the stuff we do not need. (Yes, I realize most people do this before they move.)

Let the fun continue.

Regular, Key West -centric posts will resume this week. Stay tuned. Oh, and next week is the Key West Food and Wine Festival, so posts to come on the front. Do you have your tickets yet? Why not? Use code FKG for discounts!

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