It’s Tree Time

This is the time of year where we tend to chop down a whole bunch of trees and decorate them. I have no issue with that (and am looking forward to my very first tree trimming party this weekend. But when the folks at Green Gestures said they wanted to plant a tree for my blog, I could not resist. 

Green Gestures aims to get people to make easy changes to their everyday routine in order to be more environmentally friendly. Now, I do not think that my blog contributes too much to my carbon footprint, especially compared to say, junk mail, old light bulbs and the like. But, if I can do something as simple as spreading the word, and they plant a tree for me, well, we all win. Offsetting some of my – and your – carbon footprint is a good thing, especially when it is so easy.

What do you do be “greener” in your everyday life? Me? I try to avoid the plastic bag, although I typically forget my bags when going to the grocery store, so I try to take as few as possible (FAIL. I know. I should not admit this. Perhaps that will be one of my New Years Resolutions – no more plastic bags.) I also avoid excess – drink carriers from the coffee shop (which as a result of my effort to be “green” often leads to being “brown” and covered in coffee.)

Thank you to Green Gestures for making our day a little greener.

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