Old Friends

There are those people in our lives that we see far too infrequently. Some of those people showed up at my house yesterday afternoon. This visit was planned, unlike the time we learned of these friends’ house purchase in Maryland (they had bought from a co-worker of my sister-in-law’s), so we drove by, caught him outside doing yardwork and said hello. That was about twelve years ago, and he has recently recovered from the shock of the Floridians showing up unannounced. 

It had been about ten years since they last visited us in Florida. Since then, they have had two children, adopted another dog and renovated said house. In that time we have partially moved to Key West, adopted a mutt of our own, and started three businesses. Fortunately we have seen them in between these visits, but even that is not too often.

Although we do get annual holiday cards (this year it was designed by the 9 year old, and prominently featured the two dogs), we don’t talk so often in between. (And I don’t do holiday cards. I just don’t. Whatever. You want a holiday greeting from me? Come visit the blog. I post ’em here. Maybe next year it will take the form of a card. We will see. Don’t hold your breath.) The point here is this: it doesn’t matter why we don’t chat more often (probably because they are both ER doctors, and their schedules are even crazier than ours, which is saying a lot…) friends are friends, and good friends are there regardless of if you talk to them all the time or not. Unless they are complete jerks, in which case they shouldn’t be your friend to begin with.

There you go – a whole blog post on good friends that, much like life, goes off on unrelated tangents. Aren’t you inspired to think of an old friend now (but not actually call them)?