Guilty Pleasures: My Top 10

My two business partners in 3 Loud Women always want to talk about guilty pleasures, then make fun of mine because they are not guilty enough. Well, here you go. You be the judge. I just don’t feel bad about a lot of things, but there are some that I know I should curb, yet I derive great joy from them.

In no particular order, here are the (current) top 10 guilty pleasures:

  1. Cheese. All kinds of cheese (except fake, spray or other “cheese product”), any way, at any time.
  2. Ice cream. Favorites include: Coffee, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, Cherry Garcia, and most others. A perfect blend of guilty pleasures #1 and #2 is Jeni’s Goat Cheese with Cherries. Cheese and ice cream in one. Yeah, it’s that good.
  3. MTV’s The Challenge. I remember when this was a “Real World/Road Rules Challenge” and I knew all the players. It is a terrible show, but like a train wreck, I must watch. Then I get FKGuy to give me the Cliff Notes version of The Sports Guy’s fantasy reality show draft. Awesomeness all around. (If I knew anything about sports, I am pretty sure I would be obsessed with Bill Simmons, and he would likely make this list. FKGuy just wants his job.)
  4. Top Chef/Top Chef Just Desserts/Top Chef Masters. Enough said. Love ’em.
  5. My in-house coffee bar. I never need to leave home to get a perfect cappuccino, regular coffee, tea, flavored coffee or any other coffee beverage my heart desires. It is also open 24/7. We even have decaf for guests. (Well, one guest.)
  6. Yoga pants. Yes, I know I should wear real clothes but (a) they are easy and (b) they are so damn comfortable. I have about 5 pair of the exact same Old Navy black yoga pants. They are all equally worn, so while you think I am wearing the same pants every day, I am not.
  7. Flip flops. See #6 – same explanation. My toes need to breathe. Plus, I need to show off my perfectly pedicured feet.
  8. Movies: Dirty Dancing, My Cousin Vinny, Legally Blonde. I’m sure there are a few more that I can’t think of right now.
  9. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes, it deserves its own bullet point, separate from the generic “movie” list. Don’t watch it at home. This must be seen out, preferably with other people that also know all of the lines.
  10. My new guilty pleasure – Pinterest. It is a home decorating black hole. So many things I had no idea that I needed, all on one pin board. Who knew?

What are some of your guilty pleasures? I’d love to hear about them (largely so I don’t feel so guilty about mine!)