Summer is Here

It seems that summer is here. I know that you are thinking it is always summer in Florida, but alas, that is simply not true. We have winter, it is just milder than your winter say, in Ottawa. It gets cold enough to have to wear a jacket over my tank top, and even wear a long sleeve shirt occasionally.

But last night brought heavy rains, hail and the rare tornado watch. (I love when they call it a “watch”. You know, the last thing I want to be doing when a tornado happens by is watching. But, I digress…) It is almost the time of year when we need to start planning Babka’s walks by looking at the radar on the weather channel, and keeping a towel by the front door to wipe off paws. It is nearly the hot-as-blazes time of year where FKGuy becomes convinced that Babka needs to cool off by going swimming (which as we know from past experience, will not go well.)

It is the time of year when you (I) plan your (my) footwear around how badly it is supposed to rain. (In other words, which flip flops are the most rain-proof.) On the upside, it stays light later, so I sometimes forget that it is time to start making dinner until 8PM. Hey, it looked like it was still day time.

Yes, I know it is still technically spring, and it will not really feel like summer is in full effect until I get in my car and the thermostat reads 90 for the first time (but that is coming very soon). It also might not really feel like summer until school is out and traffic is lighter.

Either way, life in Florida is a good way to warm up (or get wet, depending on the day). What is your favorite thing about the change in season?

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