Live Joyfully, Vivez Joyeux, A Key West Wine Bar


Vivez Joyeux
Vivez Joyeux

I groaned audibly when I heard there was a new wine bar in town. Do we need another one? Then we stopped in for a glass of wine at the new Vivez Joyeux, and I could see why they decided to open. Vivez Joyeux means Live Joyfully in French, and they are now open and serving wines, cheeses, and charcuterie. 

For the record, while I generally don’t eat the offerings on a charcuterie plate, I do enjoy saying it. (Say it; it is a fun word! Shar-coo-te-ree. That never gets old.) Fortunately, Vivez Joyeux also has an excellent selection of cheeses. I spotted one Cowgirl Creamery cheese at over $50/pound, but at least it is available on the island. The next best cheese selection can be found at the Old Town Bakery, but other than that, we are stuck with the grocery stores’ ordinary selections. (Publix is fine, it is just not interesting.)

The people that purchased Le Creperie last year opened Vivez Joyeux about a month ago. I really need to get back to the restaurant and check out the new incarnation. Meanwhile, there is wine to be consumed. There are a handful of wine choices by the glass – sparkling, white and red. But a much larger selection is available by the bottle for consumption there, or to take with you.

In addition to the wines, cheeses, and charcuterie (I know you just said it again in your head), there are homemade baked goods. The aroma of freshly baked madeleines filled the air even though we were there just an hour before closing. Other yummy looking baked goods include tiny custard-filled treats, macarons, and gougeres. I will have to come back at a time when I can try them all.

It is easy to Vivez Joyeux, live joyfully, and enjoy a glass of wine and some delicious cheeses in the heart of paradise. Stop in and see for yourself, at 300 Petronia Street, Key West. Open Friday – Tuesday from 10 AM – 8 PM.


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