Nailtini, Key West

Look how nicely my nails match my drink!

I admit it: I usually get my nails done on the mainland. After a series of bad manicures at several places around the island, I thought it was easier to avoid getting them done at all rather than having them chip, peel or crack within  day. But then I went to Nailtini.

After lamenting both the state of my toenails and how hard it is to find a decent place to get them done, I was invited to Nailtini to try

I love it.. but it is only nail polish and easy to change.

out their services. Located right on Duval Street, across from Croissants de France, it is a really convenient location. The building itself has a cozy, typical Key West-y feel, and upon entering the first things I noticed were (a) It was really clean and (b) everyone seemed to be smiling – both employees and customers.

Once seated and acquainted with my manicurist, Cissy, I was offered a beverage. From wine to green apple martinis and lemon drops, there are a lot of choices. One note about the drinks: they are huge. I am guessing they may even get refilled, but the drink part of the salon experience is not an afterthought. Once I was settled in with my fruity beverage (a lemon drop), it was time to sit back and relax.

I tend to be a little indecisive about nail color. I know it is only a week long commitment, but sometimes the number of pretty little bottles calling out to me are just staggering. I chose  lime green. Then I chose purple glitter. Cissy decided I should go with both and have lime green nails with a purple accent nail. I decided anyone drinking lemon drops while getting a manicure should leave the decision making to the professionals. My nails looked fabulous.

The pedicure.

When it was time for my pedicure, I chose the same lime green, only this time it was accented with purple flowers. Pedicures are one of those things that you think are always great, but sometimes really disappoint. Not here. First of all, they have those big, massaging pedicure chairs that actually work really well. So, there I was, getting a pedicure and a massage all while enjoying a cocktail. Life is good.

With all the cocktail drinking going on, I am happy to report that most customers are well behaved. There was, however, one guy, who was clearly dragged in by his new girlfriend while they were on vacation. He ended up with blue glitter toenails. It wasn’t pretty (but the photo is somewhere on my Twitter feed…)

Nailtini is not cheap. At $30 for a manicure and $50 for a pedicure, it is just a little higher than some of the other places in Key West. But it is worth it. First of all, there is the drink factor. Happy hour can be figured in to the cost of your nail service. Second of all, they actually do a good job, which is more than I can say for pretty much every other salon I have been to in Key West. They also offer massage and waxing services, and are open every day.