Harlo’s Healthy Pets, Hollywood, FL

Tomorrow marks the grand opening of Harlo’s Healthy Pets retail location in Hollywood, FL. Until now, they have been an online-only shop delivering mainly in Broward county. Pet Servants outside of their delivery zone can now rejoice. Harlo’s is open to the public and you can go in and pick up your order, even if you are too far away for them to deliver. C’mon, you know your precious beast is worth an extra few minutes in the car.

I know what you are thinking: But I already have so many big box pet stores nearby, and how do the prices compare? Blah, blah, blah. Here are the things I love about Harlo’s (in no particular order):

  1. They have products that are actually good for your pet (and many that you can’t find anywhere else). When we were researching new foods for Babka. David, the owner, was more than happy to point us in the right direction, as well as supply us with samples of the foods he thought would work best. Naturally, he was right and Babka has been happily eating Fromm’s ever since.
  2. They know what they are talking about.
  3. Free samples.
  4. Great customer service.
  5. They sell Babka Bars.
  6. The namesake dogs – Harlen and Lola – are super cute, and will gladly give you their paws in exchange for a treat. Their enthusiastic high-fives put Babka’s to shame.
  7. Harlo’s is owned by people that truly love animals. They support rescue groups. They know about animals and they research products before selling them.
  8. Oh, and prices are surprisingly reasonable. Yes, some of the stuff is expensive, but so is good human food.

If you find yourself in Hollywood tomorrow, stop in to the open house between 10AM – 3PM at their new location, 250 N. Dixie Highway, #6, Hollywood, FL. Plus, you may get to meet Babka, too. If you can’t make it tomorrow, go another time. Your pet will thank you.