Karaoke (or, More Only In Key West…)

I don’t sing in public. Wait. Let me rephrase that. I don’t sing in public with a microphone. I will, however, gladly sing along to a piano player, or muzak, or whatever at the top of my lungs if I have a few cocktails. But I certainly don’t do karaoke. Why? Because my singing voice sucks. I know it, and I do not need to announce it to the whole free world.

So when people say “Come on, we are going to Karaoke” my response is typically something along the lines of “really, I can’t torture people by making them listen to me sing.” Usually that is the end of it. But these friends would not take no for an answer, and her response to me was this “But you can drink. And I am not singing either.” Good point.

As it turns out, karaoke is totally fun, and some of the people that sing are really good. Others, not so much. Two Friends restaurant has karaoke Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, along with a full menu and bar. I will say that the drinks are a bit watered down, as exhibited by my near-sobriety after drinking several straight bourbons. But it is still fun. Next time I will stick with bottled beers.

In my “only in Key West” moment of karaoke, here is a video in which our friends decided to sing the “Hanukkah Medley”. I am fairly certain it was the first time that was requested.

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