Lighten Up

Life is simply too short to not enjoy yourself. Certain things we do because we must: grocery shopping,  laundry, work. Other things we do for fun: bowling, sporting events and concerts. Last weekend was the opening show for Jimmy Buffett’s Under the Big Top Tour, and it was great fun.

People that go to Jimmy Buffett concerts generally fall into two categories: A. Those obsessed with the man and the music, or B. People whose friends are obsessed and drag them along with promises of tailgate parties and tequila. We encountered many in both camps this weekend. The tailgate party (the entire parking lot) was full of festivities. People in RVs (many nice RV owners that let use their restrooms), people grilling off the back of their trucks and others just getting a tan, and enjoying the margaritas.

Once in our seats, we discovered the people behind us were quite friendly, as are most people there, and it was the first Buffett concert for the 16 year-old and 13 year-old (who were with a 30 year old sister and brother-in-law). They didn’t even seem the slightest bit upset that their parents were sitting way up front and they were stuck near the back of the amphitheater.

Alas, there is one pisspot in every crowd, isn’t there? You know, the person that just refuses to have any fun? The one that wants to make everyone else miserable? Yes, there he is, folks, the guy at the top of this post, Mr. Jack Ass himself. This guy was sitting in someone else’s seat (I’m not sure what happened to the person who actually had that seat…) and was just miserable. Really, J.A., learn to use sunscreen – the sun is hot in Florida, maybe that would help your cause. He tried to pick a fight with us. Why? Who knows? Maybe his parents locked him in a dark room as a child. Maybe he has pent up resentment for people that actually know how to have fun. Maybe he’s just a mean drunk. This is a question only J.A. can answer. The nice guy behind us, equally confused as to why someone is picking a fight, was ready to step in.

All in all, crisis averted. We moved to the back for a few songs, let J.A. leave, and then returned to our seats for awesome encores. Two very important lessons learned here: 1. If you are mean, drunk or sober, just stay home. Nobody wants to be around you. 2. Lighten up. When you are at an event that is supposed to be fun, laugh a little, it makes it much more enjoyable.

While I was very busy having fun and avoiding fights, I seemed to have lost my sunglasses. So if you were at the concert and found a pair of black Missoni glasses with green and orange inside the frames, please let me know. I promise not to be mean.