Garden Variety Jazz

IMG_0070Sunday nights tend to revolve around longing for more weekend, eating large bowls of pasta with family and longing for more weekend (yes, it happens so often that it needed to be listed twice) . Sunday evening at The Gardens Hotel in Key West, however, is a calm, fun, relaxing event – Jazz in the Garden. Each week local musicians delight residents and tourists alike.

The evening I was there, Lenore Troia was there with Richie “Chevy” Ciqulino. Joining them was David Feder. They were just wonderful, able to keep the crowd engaged while still being low key. and relaxing.

The Gardens also has a full bar serving everything from wine and beer to bourbon. They even make frozen drinks, in case you forgot you were on an island. So next time you are in Key West on a Sunday, head over to The Gardens. Unless, of course, it is one of the three days a year that the weather sucks.