Santiago’s Bodega, Key West: Lunch

Steve showing off bottle #1.
Steve showing off bottle #1.

Over the weekend we had lunch plans with some friends. After the inevitable back and forth discussing where we should go, we settled on Santiago’s Bodega. It had never occurred to me to go there for lunch, as we usually find ourselves there for dinner. The menu is the same, but the atmosphere is much more relaxed. 

When we arrived, there was only one other table taken (and occupied by another friend of ours), so the normal hustle

Onion soup, with loads of gooey cheesiness.
Onion soup, with loads of gooey cheesiness.

and bustle, was replaced with quiet. It was delightful. There were six of us, so we enjoyed an array of tapas, along with salad, soups and several wines.

Santiago’s is known for small portion, tapas-style food, and it is meant to be shared. Between the six of us, there were three soups – all outstanding – French onion, creamy mushroom and a shrimp bisque. We enjoyed a Greek salad, made with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, Feta and pepperocini in a lemon caper dressing. Important note: although portions here are typically small, the salads are disproportionately large. Share one for three or four (or in our case, six) people.

World's tiniest lamb serving.
World’s tiniest lamb serving.

The petite lamb rack was, indeed, the tiniest portion of two little, but tasty, chops I have ever seen. Saganaki is always a treat. There is just something about flaming cheese, and the potential of losing an eyebrow, that is satisfying. Or it could be the brandy and lemon. Either way.

Patatas bravas comes as a plate full of cubed, spicy potatoes with some cheese on top for good measure. Delish. This may be FKGuy’s favorite thing there. Also enjoyed by our group were green beans with Gruyere and prosciutto, tenderloin with blue cheese butter and a bread pudding (that I hear is only OK.)

Along with the array of food, we enjoyed mostly white wine: a  Pichot Vouvray, 2012, a Basa

Flaming, delicious cheese!
Flaming, delicious cheese!

Rueda, (I belive it was also 2012), a Sicilian Chardonnay and finished off with a (red) Tempranillo. A wonderful meal and a good time was had by all. I need to remember this lunch option when it seems impossible to get a dinner reservation.

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