Things You Should Not Do Alone

I have been against wearing glasses for some time. Not because I don’t like the way they look, but I am so used to my contact lenses that I feel like I can’t see well out of them. Alas, the time has come. It has been a solid ten years since I have purchased a pair of glasses and it was time to get a new one. There are just some things you should not do alone

While it is true that I was wearing contacts while trying on glasses, so I could see how they looked, it really is the kind of thing that requires a second opinion. Or third. The problem is, sometimes nobody is available to shop with you. Thank goodness for the instant gratification that is text messaging. I was able to try on numerous pair, snap a selfie, and text each one to both FKGuy and a friend for their opinions. Finally, the woman behind the counter at Costco weighed in. Although her opinion was unsolicited, she did tell me that some of them looked bad, so I found her at least somewhat trustworthy.

By the way, the same concept holds true for other important fashion-related purchases, like a wedding dress.  A friend will tell you if the giant bow on your butt is a good look or not, or if the lace makes you look like you are dressing for a Renaissance reenactment.

Eating alone is one of those things that the media loves to mock. Think back to Mean Girls or Suburgatory where lead characters both started off eating lunch in a bathroom stall. But eating alone is not a bad thing. At least there is nobody there to remind you about your diet when you try to order a sandwich or bowl of pasta.

This weekend taught me another important thing that should not be done alone: karaoke. Honestly, and this is not for the benefit of the solo person, either. Everyone needs to be able to mock you mercilessly for your performance. Otherwise, it’s just not fun.


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