Getting a Bad Table: What Would You Do?

dianey 1I often find myself in the midst of a situation wondering if I am crazy. Am I the only person that reacts this way? Am I completely irrational? (Wait. Don’t answer that one.) Last night was no exception. My friend has made reservations three weeks ago for dinner at Flying Fish Cafe at The Boardwalk Hotel in Disney, which is fantastic. (More on the 11.5 mile jaunt around Disney and the meal itself later.) But what happens when you are seated at a bad table?

We arrived before our friends and were taken to our table. Our reservation was for a party of five, and the table we were originally shown to was a table for four with an additional chair stuck at the end. I will add that this is one of the more expensive restaurants at Disney, with entrees in the $38- 45 range. It would have been fine, but the chair stuck at the end abutted the bus station. So whoever was sitting there could not see or talk to the person on their left. Additionally, they would be left bumping their elbow at every turn, and wait staff would be tripping over them. This was completely unacceptable.

As I was explaining this to the person that seated us, she went to retrieve the hostess to get us another table (you know, one meant for five people to interact with one another). I pointed out two that would have been fine. The hostess, never looking up from her iPad, proclaimed snarkily that she would be put us back on the wait list and we could have a table in about twenty minutes, as the tables I pointed out were already reserved. I thought one was reserved by us. Silly me. At this point the restaurant was about a third full, so there was no need for us to be waiting, which I was about to explain when she walked away. Charming.

My next conversation was with the manager. He came over, and asked if “that table over there” would be acceptable. Since it was one of the tables I pointed out originally, it was indeed acceptable. Any table where five people can have a conversation would have been acceptable. We were immediately seated and proceeded to have a wonderful meal. But it shouldn’t be that difficult.  What do you think? Do you ask for other tables? Are you a restaurateur that finds diners asking for other tables annoying (even if you are seating them somewhere that clearly doesn’t work)? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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