Better Late than Never

I am usually somewhere at the back of the line when it comes to things like adopting new technology, except for my new cell phone – the HTC Hero – which rocks. I have even personalized it with a picture of Key West Bight as my background. I got on Facebook after everyone else I knew. I did get on Twitter and start tweeting like a champ though, even before Ashton Kutcher had his million followers.

Alas, I realize I am late to the party with more than just technology. Movies. I dread going to the movie theater and sitting my 5’4″ self behind some 7 foot giant (they always sit in front of me), listening to the person next to me explain to their friend the entire plot line as it unfolds and being subjected to really crappy food. So I stay home. I rent movies. I buy DVDs. I record things to watch later on my DVR. But I am almost never up to date on the newest releases.

Just last week, every Harry Potter movie (and book, but I haven’t gotten to any of them yet) arrived at my doorstep. Happy Hanukah, indeed! So after not really knowing what all the fuss is about, I watched the first movie. I get it. I have realized that the whole free world does, apprently, know what it is talking about. This is a good flick – it has intrigue, flying, mean dudes, owls and more. It is good, clean fun.

If you actually are the last person on earth who hasn’t seen these movies, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.  As for me, I will be celebrating my birthday tonight at Azur restaurant, undoubtedly indulging in some awesome gnocchi.

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