91 Degrees (In the Shade)

“Can I have a refill, please?”

It is January, and that means that many of my friends are rather chilly. My friends in Utah check in at 29 degrees, while those in New York are a not-so-balmy 40. Even Los Angeles is 55 degrees. But here in paradise it is a comfortable 73. Yes, it has dipped down into the upper 60s in the evening (and I have donned sweaters and pants), but for the most part, it has been lovely. 

For several years we were tortured by our pool (I know, I know… such problems!) I would look longingly at the crystal clear water and

A little poolside lounging before or after a dip is quite relaxing.

desperately want to go for a dip. Alas, it was very cold. Well, very cold by native Floridian standards. So, 73 degrees.  Pretty much anything below 86 is too cold for me. Does that make me spoiled? No. It makes me a Floridian. But, I will tell you what does make me spoiled: the new pool heater.

That baby gets the pool up to 91 degrees in a very short period of time. Like when I say, “hey, let’s go out and grab some lunch, then we we come back we can go in the pool” because it will be hot by then. Granted, it is a rather tiny pool (normal size by Key West standards, tiny by rest of the country standards), so it shouldn’t take all that long to warm up. The good news is that I can be enjoying a margarita in the pool, as opposed to enjoying one poolside, eyeing the water longingly.

So, as you contemplate which socks to wear today, or where you should ski this weekend, or where the next warm weather getaway will be, I will be enjoying the gloriously warm water, soaking in the pool, with a cool beverage in hand. Cheers!


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